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Division of Community Service

“Our moment at Brandeis would not happen to be the same without my volunteer activities. Volunteering has allowed me to be employed in the neighborhood, to communicate with many folks that were different, and to think about the world in new tactics. My community assistance attempts happen to be mostly centered in education, and my encounters have led me to pursue a career employed in education’s industry. I am assured that my community support activities at Brandeis have helped establish #160 & my profession path.;the program is a superb strategy to understand just how much company you really do. Without you also recognizing it, the hours often mount up. Rising the hours helps you observe that generating moment for support among all your additional obligations will probably be worth it, and certainly will already have a substantial effect. Also, it’s excellent to truly have a concrete quantity of hours to share with potential businesses or even to wear a resume.”

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Bronze Medal Success! Brand: 160; Chaitanya Sambangi ’15 Hometown:   MA Main Service Site, Andover: Massachusetts General Hospital ” I firmly think that we must provide more than lifestyle is taken from by us. Supporting out in the community creates figure and that I think everybody must volunteer for some reason. I have developed tolerance while also learning about the pediatric health location. I discovered more about my career option and myself throughout this knowledge as an offer. “

Bronze Medal Winner! Waltham Organizations Day Enrichment Waltham Big Sister Waltham Class Companions To Elder Group Tutoring In Public Places Schools Waltham General Tutoring Waltham Group Hospital Assistants (Vegan Buddies) Waltham Collection SPECTRUM Waltham Group Kids Connection Waltham Team Starvation Homelessness Waltham Volunteer Vacations Groups-in service “As a first-year at Brandeis, I had been not effective on cus. I used to be having an extremely tricky time modifying from senior high school to school. By my sophomore I wanted to alter that, which created me discover Waltham Group during recruitment night. I began with four Waltham Organizations and that I quickly loved to volunteer since I turned a, an older brother, a buddy and I produced wonderful relationships with each scholar or person that I encountered within my moment with each Waltham Group that used to do.

More Waltham Communities were added by me while the year continued and that I understood I really like to volunteer since it takes me out of my chaotic plan and permits me to focus on others. I enjoy creating a variation and transforming the entire world.”

Press #160 & below; for more testimonies from prize users in the course of 2013! Dedication to Service Award Inspire students to interact in community company further impacting their Brandeis knowledge while approaching community desires. Service will soon be employed as a method fulfill private beliefs, implement course-work, to discover occupations, and acquire important connections. This system will promote students to observe their volunteer hours, incorporating many benefits for school and the group, while giving an opportunity to observe our pupil’s determination to company and societal justice deepening their journeys’ sources beyond Brandeis. Pupils who attain different tiers of hours drenched will get #160;Responsibility to Company medal & a to wear at graduation. We encourage all students to often observe their hours even if they do not think they will accomplish among the awarded hour ranges also to join up for your method, as there are lots of rewards to individuals, as listed below. All support hours submitted for this program should fall within the umbrella of Variety Phrases and the University Goal. Specifically hours should help the prices of inclusivity. Why should I participate?

Worsen my impression using an assistance method that is natural. Be given a Motivation to Service medal to wear at school. Represent this famous recognition on my resume. Discover and build management through intentional representation and relationship building. Have my service hours officially noted for graduate college, jobs and internship programs.

Help Brandeis achieve national honors and honors. Tracking hours aids for future assistance opportunities in the delivery of backing and awards. Make a global and regional impression. Take satisfaction in and celebrate my community organizing and impression. Reap the benefits of special applications for many system participants. Basically invest in Brandeis University’s cultural justice mission. Have your title posted as receiver on Community Service website’s Division. & enable support University;s Goal and Assortment claims. Specifically, Brandeis’ motivation to justice. Ways to Get Started Full online enrollment. Community Service Pledge  (Individuals have the ability to check a package they accept this commitment when they record their hours within the tracking hours system.) Finish a Community Assistance Waiver  and CORI Form   (if required) Complete and record Group Service Hours often on Sage.  Bronze- 300 hours of Magic- 600 hours of Gold- 900 hours of assistance 

Pupils who do accomplish one of the time quantities that are granted likewise must publish a representation essay   at the end in their year. Note hours inputted to the University Support Monitoring Hours System will count toward honor hours. Students will soon be honored their medals in the Bash of Assistance function and so are encouraged to use their assistance medals during start events together with indicate this distinctive respect on their resumes.